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Greetings, Ladies, Gentlemen, Everyone in Between, and the occasional Pink Sheep--

This is the Mad Chatters Tea Party community, dedicated to the mission of harnessing the power of Chaos for our comedic purposes and kicking Harry Potter Fandom in the angst--one crackfic at a time.

Our penname was founded by a band of intrepid loonies who got together during the early days of a particular Harry Potter chat room (and bonded further during the dark days of another HP chat's exile to said chatroom). Together, we generated an idea for a fic so ridiculous, no one of us alone was willing to take credit for it. (It's amazing what mischief a bunch of alleged adults can get up to under the influence of no alcohol whatsoever.)

In a project that spanned nine authors, seven time zones, three continents, and untold time during which we all could have been Doing Something Productive, one hell of a strange story was created. It has since become one of the Gold Standards by which crackfic is judged (for those who actually bother to use judgment with regards to crackfic.)

But what, you may ask, is Crackfic?

Simply put, it is any story which takes the Harry Potter universe and turns it on its ear. Bizarre things occur on the slimmest of pretexts, characters behave in strange and unfamiliar ways, and sometimes, just sometimes, the Fourth Wall--between things and ideas, between the pit of men's fears and the summit of human knowledge, gets crossed--and the characters address the reader directly in the Twilight Zone. The problem is, most such stories are about as funny as being spanked with a wet kipper.

We made it our goal to change that.

We have produced three such strange, bizarre, and unexpectedly funny stories thus far. Sadly, the original collaboration cannot be re-posted here; we only had the authors' permission to post it at The Petulant Poetess Archive, we have been unable to contact two of those originally involved in the project to give re-posting permission. But you may view it in its original location by following the links in our sidebar, and all other Mad Chatters endeavors will be posted here for your reading pleasure.

With your support (read: hysterical laughter), The Mad Chatters Tea Party will continue to serve as a penname for any collaborations born of the collective genius/insanity of those wonderful folks who frequent Harry Potter chatrooms, and a beacon of comedy in an angsty fandom.

(Thank you to Rod Serling for the bits of adapted Twilight Zone intro. Thank you to Shiv for the remarkable wet-kipper-spanking imagery.)


The one that started it all:
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Victory Photo Alas, we must link to the archive at which it was originally posted, as we are no longer in contact with every one of the authors and therefore cannot secure their permission to re-post it. :(

A Fanfic Reader's Unauthorized Guide to the Unconventional Hogwarts: A History
Chapter 1: Broomsticks… Bludgers… Both?
Chapter 2: Covering All the Hoops
Chapter 3: Something Vaguely Quidditch Related
Chapter 4: On the Scoreboard!
This Epilogue Does Not Suck

Yes, we CAN write one-shots:
The Desk (Up)Set: Severus Snape Just Wanted to Feel Pretty

Coming soon: Charlotte's Angels!

Originally posted April 1 (when else?) 2012


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Jul. 7th, 2009 04:17 pm (UTC)
I have a suspicion that Draco secretly like being spanked by a wet kipper; it's one of his plebian fantasies. And if you think about it, Voldie is a little like a kipper himself. Hence the fanboying.

Is it funny? Depends on who you asks. Harry ... probably not, just because he'd get intensely jealous of the fish. Ron would find it good afternoon entertainment though; especially if he is the kipper holder.

I think a new kink was born.
Jul. 9th, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)

I find your fish fixation frankly peculiar. It also seems to encourage excessive alliteration, which can lead to nothing good. I am not sure I want to know how you made the leap from small, preserved pescids to the Dork Lord... I think I'll assume it's something peculiarity endemic to Gryffindors and leave it at that.

As for Weasley's feelings about fish, if he gets within thirty feet of me smelling even remotely maritime, I'm hexing his arse.


P.S. Kippers are gross. Honestly, Potter, if you want food kink, what's wrong with the traditional favorites? Whipped cream and chocolate sauce ring any bells?

*snork* If I see kipper!fic, I'll know who's responsible!! (Draco goes first this time, he's pushing his way to the forefront of our collective personality for next week. LOL)

P.S. Observe how the Forces of Publicity have aligned themselves in favor of Charlotte's Angels--re: Rupert/Dan/Tom!Pic!! ^_^
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